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We are engaged in distribution. We understand our purpose, we love and we are able to perform our work. Over the years of our presence in the market of telecommunication and IT equipment, we have gained experience and knowledge that allow us to understand and satisfy the needs of our partners. Our main capital is fair name and reputation of a reliable partner.

Working in the line of Consumer (retail) distribution, we supply equipment to our Partners - companies working in IT retail. Each of our clients, starting from the smallest, gets the opportunity to participate in all partner programs aimed at sales promotion. We care about the profitability of your business. Regardless of how large your company and business are, you will receive a product and conditions that will allow you to earn.

If you work in the field of IT-retail or plan to start business in this field but are not yet our partner, call us. We do not work in Retail, so we will not compete with you. On the contrary, knowing everything about this business, we will help your Company to become even more successful.

Another part of our work is Corporate (project) distribution. We are open to our Partners - Companies working with corporate clients in the field of system integration, dealing with installations, as well as for companies whose business is involved in contests, tenders for procurement of IT and telecommunications equipment. Keeping the principle of classical distribution, we do not participate in tenders, we do not submit commercial offers for the final customer.

Realizing the importance of safety of commercial information, we ensure confidentiality, protection of the Partner's projects, for which we work together. We are ready to provide consulting support and assistance in choosing a solution for the project. The status of the distributor and close relationship with the equipment manufacturer allow us to offer special project-oriented prices. We offer correct terms of equipment delivery and take responsibility for observance thereof.

Setting a value upon your time and respecting your business, we are always open to dialogue, where we can always find the right solution for any task. We are certain about this.

Sales Department (Consumer Distribution)

Adylzhan Issaev
Head of Wholesale Department

+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 145)

Andrey Ganzuk
Account Manager

+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 141)

Daniel Suleimenov
Account Manager

+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 143)

Evgeniy Shalagin
Account Manager
+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 142)

Svyatoslav Parsalidi
Account Manager

+7 (727) 333-09-99 (вн.: 147)

Rustam Hodzhayev
Account Manager

+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 149)

Sales Department (Project Distribution)

Nurzhan Imanaliyev
Project Distribution Department Chief
+7 (727) 333-09-99 (ext.: 165)

Zelemkhan Shabazov
Account Manager
+7 (727) 333-06-66 (ext.: 164)

Operational Service

Victor Zalutsky
Service Manager
+7 (727) 331-51-35

Sales Department (Nur-Sultan city)

Baurzhan Kurmanbay
Account Manager
+7 (7172) 725 775 (#541)


Kazakhstan, 050012, Almaty,

Muratbayev str., b.180, office 201, "Hermes" Business Center

Kazakhstan, 010000, Nur-Sultan,

Taras Shevchenko str., h.6, office 303 (Sary-Arka District)

Office Hours:

Mon - Fri 9.00 - 18.00

Break 13.00 - 14.00

Sat,Sun - days off.


+7 (727) 333 0 999 - multichannel
+7 (727) 331-51-35 - service center

Warehouse address:

258/4, Suyunbai Str., Almaty ( location map)
warehouse complex Almaty Contract Logistic

For more detailed information about brands of our portfolio please select

3M is a diversified technology company serving customers and communities with innovative products and services. Each of our six businesses has earned leading global market positions.

Throughout 3M, our people, products and more than 40 technology platforms are hard at work to improve the lives of individuals and society. Our commitment to capturing the needs of customers and communities constitutes the essence of our creativity and enables us to translate these needs into more than 50,000 innovative solutions touching virtually every aspect of modern life. The world of 3M is truly borderless.

3M is continuously finding new ways to make amazing things happen. Innovation has always been fundamental to our success. 3M gives its people the scope and freedom to think and imagine because we believe that nothing should stand between anyone and a brilliant idea. Innovative 3M technologies range from the adhesives and abrasives with which we have been associated for more than 100 years, to some life-changing new breakthroughs in, e.g. nanotechnology and light management.

The company STN is the official distributor 3M in Kazakhstan.

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Founded in 1976, today Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies and has a presence in over 160 countries. As Acer looks into the future, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will infuse with one another to open up new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. From service-oriented technologies to the Internet of Things to gaming and virtual reality, Acer’s 7,000+ employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology.

The company STN is the official distributor Acer in Kazakhstan.

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Founded in May 2001, ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-notch memory solutions that enrich the customer’s digital life. The company’s dedication to integrity and professionalism has made ADATA the leading memory brand with the most award-winning product designs.

Backed by technical expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and premium customer service, ADATA offers complete memory solutions including DRAM modules, USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives and portable hard drives.

ADATA understands that professionalism and innovation, as well as the value of its products and services, drive a company’s competitiveness in the market. ADATA’s devotion to quality requires performing at the highest standards as they relate to ID design, purchasing and supply-chain management (raw materials), manufacturing processes, quality control and testing. Through constant innovation and development of products that exceed customer expectations, ADATA has won many of the most recognized international awards including the National Silver Award of Excellence in Taiwan, Japan’s G-MARK (Good Design Award), CES Innovations Award in the U.S., the iF Design award, and the red dot design award in Germany.

The company STN is the official distributor ADATA in Kazakhstan.

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Allied Telesis

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe. Allied Telesis is recognized for innovating the way that services and applications are delivered and managed—resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.

The company STN is the official distributor Allied Telesis in Kazakhstan.


Apple Inc., incorporated on January 3, 1977, designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers and portable digital music players. The Company sells a range of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions and third-party digital content and applications. The Company's segments include the Americas, Europe, Greater China, Japan and Rest of Asia Pacific. The Americas segment includes both North and South America. The Europe segment includes European countries, India, the Middle East and Africa. The Greater China segment includes China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Rest of Asia Pacific segment includes Australia and the Asian countries not included in the Company's other operating segments. The Company's products and services include iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, Apple Watch, Apple TV, a portfolio of consumer and professional software applications, iPhone OS (iOS), OS X and watchOS operating systems, iCloud, Apple Pay and a range of accessory, service and support offerings.


ASUS takes its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology that symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. ASUS embodies the strength, purity, and adventurous spirit of this fantastic creature, and soars to new heights with each new product it creates.

Taiwan’s Information Technology industry has grown enormously over the last few decades and the country is now a dominant force in the global market. ASUS has long been at the forefront of this growth and while the company started life as a humble motherboard manufacturer with just a handful of employees, it is now the leading technology company in Taiwan with over 12,500 employees worldwide. ASUS makes products in almost every area of Information Technology too, including PC components, peripherals, notebooks, tablets, servers and smartphones.

The company STN is the official distributor ASUS in Kazakhstan.

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In 1996, Axis designed the first in the world network camera and since then it has been a recognized leader in this area. Main sales volume of Axis covers network cameras and videocoders but the company also produces auxiliary equipment and also applied software.

Axis products are used in different areas: transport, including airports, in industry and government institutions, in life support system, in educational and medical establishments and also in banks and retail chains.

Headquartered in Switzerland, Axis runs 40 representative offices worldwide and has a network of partners that comprises 65 organizations in 179 countries.

The company STN is the official distributor Axis in Kazakhstan.


Gadget producer BQ is a young Russian brand that produces mobile telephones, affordable smart phones, tablets and accessories. Company’s name can be decoded as Bright & Quick which completely reflects brand’s policy. BQ creates elegant, bright and stylish devices that meet high quality standards.

Activities of BQ brands rest on several key principles. The underlying one is price affordability of mobile devices which are intended for a broad target audience.

Another unique feature of devices from the promising Russian trademark is their original and modern design. BQ smart phones also boast high technical characteristics.

Today, BQ mainly focuses on production of budget smart phones. Along with that, the company continuously works to improve quality of its products and expand their range.

The company STN is the official distributor BQ in Kazakhstan.

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Established in 1958, CHANGHONG has been the best selling of TV in Chinese market for recently 18 consecutive years. It has witnessed significant prosperity and is now one of the largest Chinese consumer electronics and home appliances providers specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of various series of products including TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, cell phone, electronic components, compressor, etc.

CHANGHONG became a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1994.

The company STN is the official distributor Changhong in Kazakhstan.


CTC Clatronic International GmbH is the owner of the CLATRONIC trademark and is a member of Clatronic-Groupe (Germany).

The company headquarters is in Kempen (Germany), not far from Dusseldorf. The company's products are distributed both in the domestic market of Germany and exported to 40 countries of the world.

All household appliances manufactured under  CLATRONIC trademark are manufactured only from high quality materials and components and comply with the world safety standards. Environmental and hygienic quality control of Clatronic products is carried out in the laboratories "Dr. Wessling-Gruppe" (Altenberge, Germany).

The company STN is the official distributor Clatronic in Kazakhstan.

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D-Link Corporation Incorporated in 1986 Headquartered in Taiwan, is a worldwide leading designer, developer and manufacturer of networking and connectivity products for mass consumers, small to medium business and enterprise market segments. D-Link Corporation has grown to gain a strong foothold in over 100 countries.

D-Link Corporation is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission. D-Link Corporation has more than 34 subsidiaries worldwide in various jurisdictions including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

D-Link Corporation is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced networking, broadband, digital, voice and data communications solutions. D-Link continually meets the global networking and connectivity needs of digital home consumers, small office professionals, small- to medium-sized businesses, and enterprise environments.

The company STN is the official distributor D-Link in Kazakhstan.

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Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. (Dahua Technology) is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management, and consumers.
With more than 16,000 employees and over 50% engaged in R&D, Dahua Technology has solutions, products, and services applied in 180 countries and regions. Since the launch of the industry’s first self-developed 8-channel embedded DVR in 2002, Dahua Technology has devoted itself to technological innovation and been continuously increasing its investment in R&D, putting around 10% of its annual sales revenue into R&D. The company continues to explore emerging opportunities based on video IoT technologies and has already established business in machine vision, video conferencing systems, professional drones, electronic license plates, RFID, and robotics etc.

The company STN is the official distributor Dahua in Kazakhstan.

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Delta Electronics Inc was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Delta is the world’s largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans.

Delta operates in the following seven product areas:

  • Power management
  • Renewable energy
  • Components
  • Networking
  • Industrial automation
  • Automotive electronics
  • Display solutions

Delta’s corporate culture is based on the following values: innovation, customer satisfaction, quality, teamwork and agility

The company STN is the official distributor Delta in Kazakhstan.

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The DKC international company, established in August 1998, has gained a strong leading position on the global electrotechnical market. Rapidly developing its production and introducing new high performance technology, DKC today is among the largest producers of cable management systems and low-voltage equipment in Russia and in Europe.</p> <p>At the moment manufacturing and warehousing complexes of the company are located in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Hungary and Romania. Regional representative offices of the company operate in Russia, CIS countries and abroad. The products are being delivered to Latin America, West and Central Africa. The aim of DKC is to provide the latest industry solutions and high-quality products to the global electrotechnical market. Over the past few years the DKC company has made great progress and is constantly striving for new achievements.

At the moment the company product range involves more than 26 000 components and accessories, combined into several basic groups: cable ducts, metal and plastic tubes, metal and plastic trays, low-voltage equipment, air-conditioning systems, busbars, lightning protection and grounding. Due to active research works and development of new materials and products

DKC has managed to collect an impressive list of its own patents, that would enable the DKC company to acquire the status of an innovative producer.

Every year the company expands the product range with a view to completely meet customer&rsquo;s needs. Having at disposal its own design and development centre, DKC creates specialized products for specific needs of the market with the application of the latest technology in the process of their production.

The company STN is the official distributor DKC in Kazakhstan.

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GoPro frees people to celebrate the moment, inspiring others to do the same. From cameras and drones to apps and accessories, everything we do is geared to help you capture life as you live it, share the experience and pass on the stoke. We believe that sharing our experiences makes them more meaningful and way more fun.
GoPro was founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman—a surfer, skier and motorsports enthusiast in search of a better way to film himself and his friends surfing. What started with a 35mm camera and a wrist strap made from old wetsuits and plastic scraps has grown into an international company that has sold over 26 million GoPro cameras in more than 100 countries.
But it’s the millions of passionate GoPro users around the globe who bring the magic to life. They humble and inspire us every day with incredible creativity that helps us see the world in an all-new way—and fires us up to keep creating the most awesome, innovative products possible.

The company STN is the official distributor GoPro in Kazakhstan.

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H3C is an industry leader in the provision of Digital Solutions, and is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of our customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation. H3C offers a full portfolio of Digital Infrastructure products, spanning across compute, storage, networking, security and related domains, and provide a comprehensive one-stop digital platform that includes cloud computing, big data, interconnectivity, information security, new safety, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G solutions, as well as end-to-end technical services. H3C is also the exclusive provider of HPE® servers, storage and associated technical services in China.

H3C has firmly oriented ourselves towards the needs of our customers, supported by a deep foundation with more than 30 years of operation. H3C provides scenario-based and customized solutions to our customers, enabling digital transformation in various industries that include, but not limited to carrier, government, finance, utilities, energy, healthcare, education, transportation, Internet, and manufacturing etc., products are widely used in nearly 100 countries and regions.

In the new digital economy era, H3C focuses on technical innovation as its engine for growth. Currently, more than 50% of our employees are R&D personnel. H3C has filed over 10,000 patents, of which more than 90% are invention patents.

The company STN is the official distributor H3C in Kazakhstan.

Hanwha Techwin

Since launching our first surveillance camera in 1991, Hanwha Techwin has focused on the video surveillance business for 25 years. We've built a full line-up of video surveillance (CCTV) products from cameras and storage devices to integrated control and intelligent video analysis software based on top-tier optical design, manufacturing, and image-processing technologies. Not content to rest on our laurels, we're continuing beyond our position as the leader in the Korean domestic market to expand into the global video surveillance market.

Hanwha Techwin is committed to becoming a world-leading total security solutions provider with solutions tailored to each customer, developing high-resolution equipment and utilizing intelligent technologies to thwart advances in crime and effectively respond to emerging technologies.

The company STN is the official distributor Hanwha Techwin in Kazakhstan.

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Hikvision is the world’s leading video surveillance products supplier.
Hikvision provides video surveillance products and vertical market solutions in the global market, through more than 2,400 partners in 155 countries and regions. In mainland China, Hikvision now partners with more than 40,000 distributors, system integrators and installers. The Company’s products and solutions have been widely deployed in a number of vertical markets and in notable facilities around the world including the Beijing Olympic Stadium, Shanghai Expo, Philadelphia Safe Communities in the U.S., South Korea Seoul Safe City, Brazil World Cup Stadium, the Italy Linate Airport, and many others.

Hikvision is dedicated to providing global resources and locally-based technical, engineering, sales and service supports to its valued customers around the world. In Hikvision’s oversea sales team, about 90% of the employees are local residents; for example, Hikvision European has about 210 employees, among which, over 190 are locals.

The company STN is the official distributor Hikvision in Kazakhstan.


Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Driven by a commitment to sound operations, ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, we have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud technology and services. Our ICT solutions, products, and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world's population. With 180,000 employees, Huawei is committed to enabling the future information society, and building a Better Connected World.

Together with telecom carriers, Huawei has built over 1,500 networks, helping connect over one-third of the world's population. Together with our enterprise customers, we employ open cloud solutions and agile networks to drive efficient operations and agile innovation in domains like Safe City, finance, transportation, and energy. With our smart devices and smartphones, we are improving people's digital experience in work, life, and entertainment.

The company STN is the official distributor Huawei in Kazakhstan.

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The Group of companies IEK is the biggest Russian producer of electrical engineering equipment with a well-known trademark IEK® and products for IT technologies with a trademark ITK®. IEK offers holistic solutions in the fields of construction, utilities, transport, infrastructure, industry, energy and IT technologies.

IEK® trademark has been known in Russia and CIS for more than 15 years. This electrical engineering brand has been tested with time and has been a safeguard of stable quality for consumers. The high quality of the IEK® trademark is determined by absolute compliance with requirements to performance attributes. 
IEK® trademark safeguards a high level of safety. Its products are used in construction of residential buildings and in industrial projects; in schools and hospitals; in the process of restoration and preservation of historic buildings, as well as in maintaining municipal facilities. 

The company STN is the official distributor IEK in Kazakhstan.


ITK® is a famous Russian trademark of telecom equipment for reliable products from a Russian producer for IT market. ТМ ITK is owned by one of major producers on the Russian   electrotechnical market – IEK Group.

Today, equipment from ITK® is used at a large number of upscale projects and it is continuously used in programs for reconstruction and upgrade of IT systems of major Russian and foreign companies.

ITK locates its strategic production base in Tula Region. Part of ITK® products is manufactured by contracted plants of partners in European and Asian countries.

Cutting-edge high-tech equipment produces:

- Optic and copper components of SCS,

- Electric power supply and monitoring,

- 19 telecommunications closets,

- LAN-cable and instruments.

The company STN is the official distributor ITK in Kazakhstan.


In 1987, Kingston® entered the market with a single product. Founders John Tu and David Sun fulfilled a severe shortage of surface mount memory chips with a memory module that would serve to redefine industry standards for years to come.

Combining one of the most extensive and stringent testing processes in the memory industry, an exceptional free tech support center and a consistent roll-out of innovative technologies, Kingston Technology has continually set industry standards of quality and reliability throughout its history.

Kingston has grown to be the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products. With global headquarters in Fountain Valley, California, Kingston employs more than 3,000 people worldwide. Regarded as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in America” by Fortune magazine, Kingston’s tenets of respect, loyalty, flexibility and integrity create an exemplary corporate culture. Kingston believes that investing in employees is essential and that each individual employee is a vital part of the company’s success.

The company STN is the official distributor Kingston in Kazakhstan.


Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure and provides a range of several hundred thousand catalog items subdivided into 7 major product categories, each under the responsibility (product marketing, research and development, manufacturing) of one of 7 Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

  • User interface (switches, power sockets, and more)
  • Energy distribution (distribution panels, circuit breakers and more)
  • Building systems (lighting management, security systems and more)
  • Cable management (trunking, floor boxes and more)
  • Digital infrastructure (enclosures, patch panels, RJ45 sockets and more)
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Installation components (tubes, ducts, extensions and more)

Legrand offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions operating as systems tailored to commercial, residential and industrial markets—respectively 51%, 42% and 7% of the Group's 2016 sales. From control and connection interfaces to cable management, power distribution and voice-data-image (VDI) systems distribution, Legrand provides a host of solutions designed to manage lighting, energy, networks and building access. The Legrand catalog features a wide choice of several hundred thousand catalog items in over 90 product families.

The company STN is the official distributor Legrand in Kazakhstan.

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Lenovo is one of the world's leading personal technology companies, producing innovative PCs and mobile internet devices. Now, #286 on fortune 500 list, Lenovo is the world's largest PC vendor and fourth largest smartphone company.

While the Lenovo brand came into existence only in 2004, the company has a much longer history. In 1984, Legend Holdings was formed with 200,000 RMB (US$25,000) in a guard house in China. The company was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1988 and would grow to be the largest PC company in China. Legend Holdings changed its name to Lenovo in 2004 and, in 2005, acquired the former Personal Computer Division of IBM, the company that invented the PC industry in 1981.

Today, Lenovo is a US$47 billion personal technology company with more than 57,000 employees (including joint ventures) in more than 60 countries serving customers in more than 160 countries. Lenovo has major research and manufacturing centers in countries around the world.

The company STN is the official distributor Lenovo in Kazakhstan.

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With 2014 global sales of USD 55.91 billion (KRW 59.04 trillion), LG comprises four business units - Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution, and Vehicle Components - and is one of the world's leading producers of flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators. LG Electronics is a 2014 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year.

LG Electronics was established in 1958 and has since led the way into the advanced digital era thanks to the technological expertise acquired by manufacturing many home appliances such as radios and TVs.

LG Electronics has unveiled many new products, applied new technologies in the form of mobile devices and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to reinforce its status as a global company.

The company STN is the official distributor LG in Kazakhstan.


Established in 2003 and headquartered in Zhuhai, China, Meizu designs and produces smartphones created to provide a simple, intuitive mobile experience for people whose time is expected to be simply spent in using their devices, instead of figuring out the way of using them.

Meizu expanded into the smartphone market in 2008 and has been committed to developing high-end smartphones ever since. Based on a business philosophy and commitment to pursuing perfection and long-term development, Meizu remains laser focused on developing innovative and user-friendly smartphones for consumers. With more than 1,000 employees and 600 retail stores, the company has built a presence throughout many international markets.

Meizu phones are characterized by their light, comfortable design, premium sound quality, high-definition camera, and simple, elegant user interface, combining performance, ease of use and functionality with the durability needed to survive the human experience.

The company STN is the official distributor Meizu in Kazakhstan.

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Since the founding of our company in 1918, we at Panasonic have been providing better living for our customers, always making "people" central to our activities, and thus focusing on "people's lives." Going forward as well, based on our innovative electronics technology, we will provide a wide variety of products, systems, and services, ranging from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products, and housing. In various spaces and areas, such as homes, communities, businesses, journeys and automobiles, we will continue to work hard to offer new value for better living, and help realize "A Better Life, A Better World" for each individual customer.

The company STN is the official distributor Panasonic in Kazakhstan.

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Plantronics offers one of the industry's most complete families of corded and wireless products for unified communications. Widely recognized for their sound quality, reliability and comfort, Plantronics' audio solutions help companies extend the benefits of IP communications throughout the extended enterprise, fostering better business communication and efficiency regardless of where professionals are working.

Plantronics has active and collaborative partnerships with the leading UC providers for enterprise, including Avaya, Cisco, IBM and Microsoft, as well as consumer VoIP providers to ensure seamless interoperability with our product portfolio.

The company STN is the official distributor Plantronics in Kazakhstan.


Princess House hold Appliances BV, a Dutch company specializing in small household appliances, was created by Ed Ouborg, the first owner, in 1994. Due to its very special approach "Business is entertainment", the company has grown rapidly. Princess is the world's largest supplier of small chrome household appliances. Distributors in more than 75 countries and around 100 employees every day contribute to the further development of Princess.

The company STN is the official distributor Princess in Kazakhstan.


Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co., Ltd., an expert in wireless peripheral technology, is dedicated to providing global customers with high-performance and high-quality wireless peripheral products. With its first-class industrial design and international-standard quality, Rapoo has been ranked No. 1 in China’s wireless keyboard and mouse market for two consecutive years, making it the leading supplier of wireless peripherals.

Rapoo was established in 2002. After more than a decade of development, Rapoo has strong R&D capabilities and advanced manufacturing management. Rapoo is winning the favor of many domestic and global customers. Rapoo launched its domestic market strategy in 2007 with the introduction of its own brand - RAPOO. The company adheres to a management philosophy that focuses on ”people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation,” takes meeting customers’ demands as motivation, has built a sound after-sales service system, fully developed multi-channel advantages and achieved a harmonious win-win situation among customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners. Currently, with its expansion in the global market and excellent product quality, Rapoo has won praise from dozens of Chinese and international industry media, and received nearly 100 rewards.

The company STN is the official distributor Rapoo in Kazakhstan.

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Realme was founded in May 2018, establishing itself as a smartphone brand offering devices with both a strong performance and a trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce.

Realme products won wide recognition for their "Power" and "Style" immediately after the launch. In India, realme created a sales miracle by selling 1 million mobile phones within 3 days during Diwali. Realme also broke the sales record on Lazada in Southeast Asia, and became the No. 1 brand in the mobile phone category of this platform.

Currently, realme has entered the markets of more than 18 countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. In May 2019, we’ve launched in the Europe regions. Realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylish design, sincere services and exploring more possibilities for smartphones.

Within a year of establishment, realme has already entered the markets of India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Italy, Spain, France, England, Russia and China.

The company STN is the official distributor Realme in Kazakhstan.

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The Ricoh Group has business operations in approximately 200 countries and regions of the world.

Our portfolio ranges from products designed to help people interact with information— including office imaging equipment (MFPs, printers, etc.), production printers, supplies, digital cameras and industrial products such as thermal-based media, semiconductors and factory automation cameras—to services and solutions such as Managed Document Services and IT solutions. In addition to technology, the Ricoh Group is known for its customer-centric approach. As a responsible global citizen, we are also working proactively to build a sustainable society through our business activities.

The company STN is the official distributor Ricoh in Kazakhstan.

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Ritmix is ​​a widely known Korean brand of portable technology.

The Ritmix brand was created in the early 2000s by a group of young Korean engineers. The first products released under the Ritmix brand were mp3 players. They were followed by video players, headphones and other devices.

A few years later, the Ritmix brand expanded its field of interest to a nearly full range of digital electronics. Now in the catalog of the brand you can find e-books, car DVRs, game consoles, as well as other useful smart electronics.

Modern gadgets should be available to everyone - Ritmix believes. 

The company STN is the official distributor Ritmix in Kazakhstan.

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Samsung, South Korean company that is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices. Samsung specializes in the production of a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. It has become one of the most-recognizable names in technology and produces about a fifth of South Korea’s total exports.

The company STN is the official distributor Samsung in Kazakhstan.

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For more than its century old history of operations Sharp has been recurrently called a leader and not only in business but also in the area of new technologies and  inventions.

Today, Sharp corporation represents a global chain of branches involved in production and marketing of products and also several major scientific research centers and laboratories that focus on development of new technologies.

Sharp corporation has the following groups within its structure:

  • Group of tele and video systems
  • Group of LCD displays
  • Group of communication and audio systems
  • Group of household appliances
  • Group of information equipment
  • Group of printing and copying systems
  • Group of electronic chips
  • Group of electronic components

Production sphere of activities of the corporation includes production of household, office, video gadgets, information systems and electronic components. Success is achieved due to a combination of high quality and moderate prices plus unique unrivalled know-how. Currently, Sharp is a global leader in production of LCD displays.

The company STN is the official distributor Sharp in Kazakhstan.

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SCJAM is a leader in the Action Camera market because SJCAM constantly evolves to satisfy market demands.

Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.

Prideing itself not only on creating awesome action cams, but also for fully supporting them. SJCAM stays full committed to after-sales support. SJCAM also releases new firmware frequently upgrading SJCAM features.

The company STN is the official distributor SJCAM in Kazakhstan.

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Skyworth was estabblished in 1988, with the head office located within Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Park which is honored as "China’s silicon valley", and has more than 40,000 employees. Skyworth is a large-scale high-tech corporation mainly engaged in the development and manufacturing of consumer electronics, display devices, digital set top boxes, security monitors, network communication, semi-conductors, refrigerators, washing machines, cell phones and LED lighting etc. In 2000 Skyworth was listed on the main board of HK Stock Exchange (HK0751). After a development of more than 28 years, Skyworth has grown to be one of the Top Five Color TV brands in the world and a top brand in Chinese display industry market. 

The company STN is the official distributor Skyworth in Kazakhstan.

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Sony Corporation is a transnational corporation headquartered in Japan, originated in 1946. Today, Sony Corporation is one of the operating units that are part of the holding company Sony Group. Sony Corporation is engaged in the production of household and professional electronics, gaming consoles and other high-tech products. In addition, Sony is one of the world's largest media companies, owning the record label of Sony Music Entertainment, the Columbia Pictures studios and Tri Stars Pictures, as well as the complete movie archive of MGM (jointly with Comcast).

The company STN is the official distributor Sony in Kazakhstan.

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SVEN was founded in 1991 as a producer of computer periphery devices and offered affordable products of high quality to consumers. The company activity is determined by optimum quality/price ratio.

At present SVEN Company is a multinational entity with its own research base and engineering center, which performs continuous researches in the innovation sphere.

Apart from acoustic line, production of high-quality computer periphery devices, home theatre components and power supply protection equipment are the most important part of the Company’s business. SVEN Company regularly reevaluates its product line to better satisfy its customers demands.

The company STN is the official distributor SVEN in Kazakhstan.

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TECHPOINT cleaners are the leading products in the market of consumer electronics accessories that make everyday life easier, make caring for the techniсal equipment more productive and more pleasant.

TECHPOINT dates back to 1988, when the company started to produce premium quality products using natural materials. During the times of plastic popularity, widespread use of chemical substitutes - back at that time TECHPOINT aspired to offer to the consumer original "genuine" products receiving high estimates of our clients over the years.

The company STN is the official distributor Techpoint in Kazakhstan.

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teXet is the largest supplier of telephones in Russia. More than 80 models of phones for home and office are available in the Company's product range. The company specializes in the manufacture of telephony (DECT and wired telephones) and is aggressively gaining firm positions in the wireless solutions market. The first DECT phone with a color display, model TX-D7100, was released under the teXet brand.

According to GFK, teXet ranks third in mobile phone sales in Russia.

Particularly successful are niche products - specialized phones for the elderly, "flip pjone" form factor and telephones with IP-67 and IP-68 protection class.

The company STN is the official distributor teXet in Kazakhstan.

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Toshiba is a global leader in high technologies. It is a diversified producer and supplier of state-of-the-art electronic and electric appliances and equipment, devices, systems for communication and transfer  of information, solutions and services that rest on use of the Internet, electronic components and materials, electric power plants and electric power supply systems, systems of industrial and social infrastructure and also household appliances.

In line with its mid-term development plan, Toshiba strives to achieve universal recognition as a highly profitable group of companies featured with both quick and stable economic growth of its units.

The company STN is the official distributor Toshiba in Kazakhstan.


Founded in 1996, TP-Link is a global provider of reliable networking devices and accessories, involved in all aspects of everyday life. The company is consistently ranked by analyst firm IDC as the No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices*, supplying distribution to more than 120 countries and serving hundreds of millions of people worldwide.
With a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve, the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow.
Neffos, created by TP-Link in 2015, signified the beginning of our long-awaited entrance into the smartphone market. With the current accumulation of technology in the communication industry, Neffos smartphone strives to make the most human-oriented personal mobile device in the new digital era, and strives to seamlessly connect people to each other, and to the world around them.

The company STN is the official distributor TP-Link in Kazakhstan.

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Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite is a dynamic, forward-thinking company with a strong commitment to the success and satisfaction of its business partners and customers. For more than 95 years, our company has been meeting and mastering the challenges of an ever-evolving business environment. Today, Tripp Lite offers more than 4,000 products, ranging from network-grade UPS systems to cables for every application. On the desktop, in the data center, wherever power and information flow, products and services that solve customers' problems and meet their highest expectations are the hallmarks of a Tripp Lite solution.

The company STN is the official distributor TrippLite in Kazakhstan.

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Tristar Europe B.V. was founded in 1977 in the Netherlands. Since the time of its establishment, Tristar has positioned itself as an international company with a wide range of products.

Tristar has a network of 10 international commercial offices, carrying out export activities in 27 European countries. The company, its range of products and number of partners are growing day by day. Tristar offers the most modern and necessary things for everyday life.

The main range of productd is represented by the following trademarks: Tristar, AudioSonic, Topcom, Brixton, Firefriend and Campart

The company STN is the official distributor Tristar in Kazakhstan.


The company STN is the official distributor Tritek in Kazakhstan.

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The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field of development and production, creating only quality products for all types of users.

More than 200 engineers monitor production at each stage with a view to ensuring high quality of products and reducing the amount of wastes. For reliable operation of the UPS, the equipment uses rechargeable batteries from well-known LEOCH and YUASA manufacturers.

VOLTA constantly strives to improve and create more efficient equipment that will not only simplify your work, but save your money as well. With a view to enhancement of operating efficiency and new technologies implementation, the development department is located directly at the plant.

VOLTA guarantees high quality of its products all the time.

VOLTA creates and introduces new technologies, which are constantly in demand at the market of backup power devices, while expanding the range of manufactured equipment.

 Creation of quality products is a key factor for fueling the company growth. Therefore, VOLTA is focused on design of innovative and reliable products for customers in terms of constant development and investments in the design center.

The company STN is the official distributor VOLTA in Kazakhstan.

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Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Lei Jun, who believes that high-quality technology doesn't need to cost a fortune. We create remarkable hardware, software, and internet services for and with the help of our Mi fans. We incorporate their feedback into our product range, which currently includes the Mi Note Pro, Mi Note, Mi 4, Redmi 2, Mi TV, Mi Band and other accessories. With more than 61 million handsets sold in 2014, and products launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia and Brazil, Xiaomi is expanding its footprint across the world to become a global brand.

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Advantages of working with us

Any our partner is essential

All small, medium, national and global companies are equally important for us because they all help us in achieving success at a certain level of the market. Therefore, the principle of client-oriented approach is professed in respect of everyone, we provide advantages depending on the assigned partner status. We support our partners and offer them opportunities for development - after all, their growth increases the capacity of our market.

Pricing Policy

We offer competitive prices, being a direct supplier, therefore our partners do not need to find cheaper offers.

Flexible conditions

The strategy of our company is to ensure convenience of working with us, in order to achieve it we are ready to consider non-standard conditions and adhere to the customer-facing optimal supply chain. We offer discounts, benefits and special payment terms to long-standing partners.

The relevant and balanced range of products

We actively select the assortment to provide the partners with the most popular positions - in the required quantities and in different price categories. There are potential customized supplies, flexibility of the approach applied not only to the financial conditions, but also to the operating policy.

The ability to supply large quantities in a very short time

With respect to special merchant quantities and project deliveries we provide the opportunity to work with orders made in advance and deliver goods within short timeframes, reliably fulfilling all of our obligations.

Partner Programs and Marketing Support

Special programs have been implemented for distributors, resellers and dealers. Attractive partner programs, profitable schemes of sales development and, of course, marketing, information and technical support in the required volume are available for all our clients. Seminars, certifications, annual partner conferences are held. Registration of orders and receipt of financial information are possible through the dealer portal. We take part in international specialized exhibitions and contribute to the promotion of products in the market of Kazakhstan.

In short, partnership with us means

1. Principles of work - individual approach and flexibility.
2. Assortment - a wide range of equipment and maintenance of current availability in the warehouse.
3. Logistics - efficient logistics, prompt delivery, delivery through the territory of Kazakhstan.
4. Partner support - information, technical and project support of partners by qualified personnel of the company includes demonstration, testing, conducting trainings and seminars, as well as partner staff training.
5. Marketing support - support for product promotion.

Training and webinars

Knowledge is the main capital in the information world. The requirements to operators of this market, to their qualification and knowledge of the latest achievements and technologies in this field are very high. Therefore, competence of our employees and specialists of partner companies is guarantee of competitiveness.

Training seminars and other presentations and educational events are held regularly at the premises of our company. We regularly organize seminars on the experience of implementing IT projects, new methods and software technologies for solving practical problems in various business sectors (banks, telecommunications, trade activities, logistics, office infrastructure, etc.) for our Clients and potential Customers as part of the information support program.

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Personal details

About company

Advantages for vendors

Advantages for vendors

Over the last 15 years of operation in the distribution market of Kazakhstan, ST Networks has gained a reputation of a reliable and successful partner, providing a number of undeniable advantages:

1. Distribution infrastructure

The product portfolio includes more than 15 000 items from 50 leading world manufacturers including Lenovo, Huawei, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Sony, Acer, Samsung, LG, Meizu and others. The company's offices are located in Almaty and Astana, which allows to cover all regions of the country by 100 percent.

2. Knowledge of the Kazakhstan market and its needs

A thorough knowledge of the needs of the Kazakhstan market and prospects combined with many years' experience allows us to be always ahead of competitors, to work smart with any product and develop individual and unique business solutions for our partners. A wide distribution channel provides the opportunity to commercialize a new product on a large scale and to make it popular.

3. Effective logistic system

Availability of the company's own warehouse allows to process orders quickly and efficiently and to deliver them to customers in the shortest time possible.

4. Professionals in own business

Today the team of ST Networks is the first-class professionals developing the distribution market of Kazakhstan staying strong in the pursuit of their goals. Our managers are always ready to provide informational, technical or project support to partners.

Company News
Vendors News
STN continues sales of project equipment

STN prolongs its large-scale sales of project equipment for its partners.

Don’t miss a total price cut of up to 70% for equipment from Lenovo, Huawei, Panasonic, Dahua, Tripplite, Delta, LG, Samsung Hanwha Techwin brands.

The campaign is valid until 31 December 2020.

You can view goods covered by the campaign here.

STN launches a campaign for Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks

When a partner buys Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks at a price not lower than a partner price, it gets a bonus as a 20 liter gasoline card per model.

The campaign covers all Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks available at STN warehouse.

The campaign is valid until 30 September.

You can learn more about conditions of the campaign from your STN manager.

Skyworth washing machines exclusive at STN

STN has a new arrival of Skyworth washing machines. Innovative solutions used in washing machines along with outstanding characteristics guarantee efficient and at the same time delicate washing.

We offer our partners 3 models of Skyworth washing machines.

SKYWORTH F60148UU WHITE (Mars 48 series) – a narrow front loading washing machine that can accept up to 6 kg of dry clothes per cycle with water temperature from 20С to 90С. Washed clothes are spun with a maximum speed of 1000 rpm. This washing machine supports 16 washing programs, including programs for cotton, synthetic materials and mixed fabrics. It supports a delayed start from 3 to 18 hours. The device has A++ energy efficiency rating. Dimensions of the washing machine 59.5x44x85 cm.

SKYWORTH F60115UU WHITE (Mars 15 series) – a narrow front loading washing machine with A++ energy efficiency rating. It can wash up to 6 kg of dry clothes with 48 liters of water per cycle. The washing machine runs 12 programs. The fastest cycle can wash clothes from mixed fabric for 15 minutes provided that they are slightly soiled. It has a delayed start function from 3 to 24 hours.

SKYWORTH F10215LBY WHITE (Mars 15 series) – a washing machine with a dryer can wash up to 10 kg of dry clothes and dry up to 7 kg of clothes per cycle. The washing machine supports 12 washing cycles, including a 15-minute fast program to refresh a small amount of slightly soiled clothes. It has A+ energy efficiency rating. This washing machine has a delayed start option from 1 to 24 hours. The washing machine has BLDC Motor with a large life cycle and high reliability due to absence of sliding electric contacts.

You can find more information on STN partner site (if access is available) or from sales managers.

Lenovo ThinkPad T490 sales

The offer covers:

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T490 (20N2004GRT) notebook
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T490 (20N2004FRT) notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad T490 is a reliable and high capacity business class notebook. ThinkPad T490 is run by powerful Intel Core 8 processor. Processor of the notebook is fitted with up to 16 Gb operating memory (in maximum configuration) and SSD memory device of 256 Gb which ensures an instant start of system and applications.

For reliable data protection Lenovo ThinkPad T490 has TPM cryptographic chip for online data coding. With a slight touch of finger it reads out a biometric password and unblocks log-on.

ThinkPad T490 has a battery for 16 hours of operation without plugging in, therefore you can use it without interruptions from dawn until nightfall. This is especially convenient for those who spend much time in business trips, at meetings and conferences.

You can learn prices and make an order on STN partner website (if access is available) or from / with sales managers.

STN cuts a price for Samsung HG49EJ690UBXC hotel TV.

Samsung Hotel TV HG49EJ690 allows hotel operators to meet requirements of the fussiest guests and simultaneously improve their efficient operations. Due to magnificent UHD quality of image and convenient system for room control, it allows guests to enjoy home comfort and comfortable dialogue interface of communication with display.

The offer is valid until 31.07.2020

You can learn prices and make an order on STN partner website (if access is available) or from/ with sales managers.

Large-scale sales of STN project equipment

STN launches a large-scale sales of project equipment for its partners. Do not miss a total price cut of up to 60% for equipment from Lenovo, Huawei, Panasonic, Dahua, Tripplite, Delta, LG, Samsung Hanwha Techwin brands.

The campaign is valid between 01.07.2020 and 31.08.2020

You can view products covered by the campaign here.

STN has new models of realme smart phones

New models of realme – realme c3, realme 6 and realme 6i have arrived at STN.

realme brand is considered to be the fastest growing one on the market of budget smart phones and it is called by many as a killer of all the Chinese smart phones even though the company is only two years. From the very first day, realme strives to create high capacity products with a stylish design, provide excellent service and implement all the cutting-edge technologies in their smart phones.

realme are smart phones of an initial and middle price segment intended for the youth who value style and technological effectiveness. Understanding requests of the young generation, realme focuses on a combination of features they value most of all: high efficiency, endurance and low price.

Advantages of realme smart phones include:

  • continuous improvement of interface and no advertisement in applications;
  • worthy quality of photos from all the cameras despite a low price for the device;
  • distinguished design that strikes an eye of even the strictest users.

You can study features and description of new models of realme smart phones on website.

To make an order please contact your STN manager or make the order here.

STN offers Dahua system of temperature measurement and face recognition

In order to prevent COVID-19 spread in public spaces, STN offers a solution for remote temperature measurement and access control management from Dahua that includes a controller terminal for measurement of human body temperature and face recognition access controller DHI-ASI7213X-T and a vertical  holder.

Key focus is made on a ready-to-use solution which is adapted to application in public spaces and crowded places; using a built-in thermal vision camera the device can measure human temperature and determine if a face mask is worn.

Dahua DHI-ASI7213X-T offers biometric facial scanning for less than a second and  precision of temperature measurement of ± 0.5 ° C and also easy installation with the help of an integrated erecting support. Thermal scanner is fitted with an easy-to-read 7-inch display that shows background information about a scanned person. Using an audio announcement DHI-ASI7213X-T signals deviations from pre-set parameters (high body temperature or no mask).

Key characteristics:

  • 7-inch sensor display
  • Temperature measurement range: between 30 and 45 °C
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 °C
  • Buzzer: Alarm in case of an abnormal temperature
  • Unlock regime: face identification, QR-code, password
  • Volume of face images: 100 000

Solution offered by Dahua will help streamline a job site access guaranteeing safety of people, automating entrances and reducing number of personnel to control access.

Please visit to study characteristics of controller terminal for measurement of body temperature and face recognition DHI-ASI7213X-T.

STN opens a pre-order for 3M filtering half-masks

STN is waiting for an arrival of 3M™ 8102 and 8101 filtering half-masks. The company has opened a pre-order on its website for clients

3M™ 8102 and 8101 filtering half-masks produced by 3М are an easy, effective, comfortable and hygienic respirator. Cup-shaped form, two elastics, nose liner from foam material and metallic nose clip ensure snug fit irrespective of a form and size of user’s face.

STN is an exclusive distributor of Sharp in Kazakhstan

STN, distributor of telecom and IT equipment, and Sharp, a leading global producer of household appliances, network multifunction office equipment, solar and electric power systems, LED-based lighting, mobile communication and media have signed a partnership agreement. Under the agreement, STN becomes an exclusive distributor of Sharp products in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today, Sharp corporation  represents a global chain of branches involved in production and marketing of products and also several major scientific research centers and laboratories 

Production sphere of activities of the corporation includes production of household, office, video gadgets, information systems and electronic components. Success is achieved due to a combination of high quality and moderate prices plus unique unrivalled know-how. Currently, Sharp is a global leader in production of LCD displays.

Компания Huawei приглашает Вас принять участие в онлайн-мероприятии HUAWEI IP Club

Компания Huawei приглашает Вас принять участие в онлайн-мероприятии HUAWEI IP Club, которое состоится 13 октября 2020 года в 11.00 (по времени Нур-Султан).

IP клуб — это сообщество профессионалов-единомышленников, которые осознают значимость сетевых решений в рамках современного предприятия. Когда-то IP стал тем протоколом, который объединил разрозненные компьютерные сети во всемирную сеть Интернет. Сегодня наш клуб объединяет специалистов в области IP для неформального обсуждения профессиональных тем и новых решений, призванных своевременно ответить текущим требованиям рынка, повысить продуктивность, эффективность и гибкость бизнеса.

В рамках очередного заседания IP клуба, которое на этот раз пройдет в онлайн формате, участники узнают о новых решениях под локальные сети для конечных потребителей CloudCampus и решении для коммутации в рамках расширенной инфраструктуры, в том числе ЦОД и Fabric Insight.

Дата и время проведения: 13 октября 2020 г. с 11:00 до 12:10

Благодарим Вас и с нетерпением ждем встречи на онлайн-мероприятии HUAWEI IP Club 2020! 

Вебинар Tripp Lite: решения для ЦОД

Компания Tripp Lite приглашает Вас принять участие в вебинаре, на котором будут представлены продукты и решения для построения инженерной инфраструктуры ЦОД. В рамках вебинара также будет проведён обзор новых продуктов.

Мы предлагаем как комплексные решения, так и отдельные компоненты, которые легко интегрируются в существующую инфраструктуру - ИБП, блоки распределения питания, КВМ-переключатели, шкафы, кабели, устройства охлаждения и другое оборудование.

Одним из главных принципов деятельности компании Tripp Lite является её клиентоориентированный подход при взаимоотношениях с заказчиками и партнерами. Выбирая продукцию Tripp Lite, Вы получаете экономически эффективные решения, которые разработаны в соответствии с Вашими требованиями и бизнес-задачами.

Дата проведения вебинара: 9 сентября 2020
Время: 11:00 - 12:00 (МСК)

Для регистрации пройдите, пожалуйста, по ссылке ниже. На открывшейся странице введите контактные данные и нажмите Register. На Вашу электронную почту будет направлено письмо с подтверждением регистрации и ссылкой на Вебинар. Пожалуйста, нажмите на Join Webinar, чтобы открыть страницу Вебинара и принять в нем участие.


realme 6i: новый MTK и четыре камеры

Новый смартфон realme ещё больше размывает и без того зыбкую грань между начальным и средним сегментом.

realme 6i стал первым устройством с процессором MediaTek Helio G80. Она состоит из 2 ядер Cortex-A75, работающих на частоте 2 ГГц, и 6 Cortex-A55 с частотой 1,8 ГГц. За графику отвечает Mali-G52. У смартфона 6,5-дюймовый экран с небольшим вырезом для фронтальной камеры. Он занимает 89,8% площади фронтальной панели.

На задней крышке расположен вертикальный блок основной камеры, состоящий из 4 сенсоров: основного на 48 МП, широкоугольного с углом обзора 119 градусов, черно-белого для портретов и датчика для макрофотографий. Фронтальная камера на 16 МП (f/2,0). Емкость встроенного аккумулятора — 5000 мАч. Он заряжается через разъем USB-C и поддерживает 18-ваттную быструю зарядку. На борту Android 10 с оболочкой realme 10

Обзор BQ 6424L Magic O. Недорогой смартфон с FullView и NFC

Не так давно в модельной линейке BQ появился новый смартфон с интегрированной в экран фронтальной камерой. Вдвойне приятнее, что BQ 6424L Magic O относится еще и к недорогому сегменту. Помимо FullView дисплея, есть поддержка бесконтактных платежей, аккумулятор с емкостью 3900 мАч, 13 Мп камера с сенсором Sony, 3 и 32 Гбайт памяти. Принадлежность к недорогому сегменту не отразилась негативно на внешнем виде и качестве используемых материалов. Доступен в трех расцветках: винно-красной, темно-синей и ультрафиолете.

Одной из ключевых особенностей BQ 6424L Magic O стала фронтальная камера, интегрированная в дисплей. Здесь нет выступающего блока в центральной части, вместо этого она смещена левее в виде островка. Такое исполнение будет характерно для большинства флагманских смартфонов в 2020 году. Отличием является только диаметр неактивной зоны вокруг объектива. Тут она немногим больше. В целом же такое исполнение лучше по восприятию и удобству в сравнении с «бровью». Выполнен в форме неразборного моноблока. На левой грани расположен выдвижной лоток под SIM и карту памяти. На правой грани кнопка включения и качелька регулировки громкости. Зафиксированы в корпусе хорошо. Крышка окрашена с эффектом градиента. Верхняя панель стеклянная. В углу находится блок основной камеры с тремя объективами и светодиодной вспышки. По центру зона сканера отпечатка пальца. Она хорошо определяется слепым методом. В памяти можно хранить несколько отпечатков. Срабатывает точно и быстро. Датчики перемещены на торец верхней грани. Снизу USB Type-C. По краям от него микрофон и решетка динамика. Лицевая сторона с защитным стеклом с закругленными углами. С завода нанесена пленка. Визуально смартфон производит приятное впечатление. Придраться можно к подверженности загрязнению крышки следами пальцев.


На борту 6.35 дюймовый IPS дисплей. Разрешение 1560x720 пикселей. Широкие углы обзора. Подсветка равномерна по всей площади. Есть адаптивная регулировка. На таком экране без вырезов в верхней части позволяет наслаждаться просмотром мультимедиа контента. В ряде программ выводится виртуальная рамка в верхней части. Сенсор на нажатия реагирует точно.


Построен BQ 6424L Magic O на базе восьмиядерной платформы MediaTek Helio P23 с тактовой частотой 2 ГГц. Большим плюсом является увеличенный объем памяти, 3 оперативной и 32 Гбайт внутренней. С ключевыми сценариями справляется без видимых зависаний. Поддерживаются карты памяти объемом до 128 Гбайт.


NFC модуль с бесконтактными платежами. Мы проводили тесты с российскими терминалами, работает корректно со всеми платежными системами. LTE модуль со всем набором диапазонов. Wi-Fi модуль в двух диапазонах. Bluetooth, GPS, ГЛОНАСС.


За автономную работу отвечает батарейка с емкостью 3900 мАч. В умеренном сценарии эксплуатации её хватает примерно на 2 дня. С активной эксплуатацией полный рабочий день. Поддерживается функция Power Bank для зарядки аксессуаров и других смартфонов.


В BQ 6424L Magic O установлен модуль основной камеры с матрицами 13, 2 и 0.3 Мп. Есть творческие режимы съемки, размытие фона, украшение лица, ночная съемка и профессиональный выбор форматов. Снимает хорошо. Фокусировка срабатывает точно. Основной сенсор Sony IMX214. Фронтальная камера 5 Мп. Помимо съемки селфи она поддерживает разблокировки сканированием лица.


Установлена операционная система Android 9.0 с рядом дополнительных программ. Надстроек и оболочек нет. Поддерживаются обновления.

BQ 6424L Magic O – один из лучших смартфонов в ценовом сегменте до 50 тысяч тенге, предлагающий FullView дисплей, тройную основную камеру, 3 и 32 Гбайт памяти, емкий аккумулятор, восьмиядерный процессор, бесконтактные платежи NFC, сканер отпечатка пальца, интересные расцветки.


Будьте в онлайн везде и всегда с 4G LTE маршрутизаторами TP-Link

«Мобильный Интернет» не является новинкой для нас – он стал доступен практически одновременно с появлением мобильной связи, правда технологии 10-15- летней давности не позволяли с комфортом пользоваться доступом к сети Интернет, а его стоимость была по карману далеко не всем.

Сейчас казахстанские провайдеры мобильной связи способны обеспечить скорость доступа к сети Интернет до десятков мегабит в секунду, а их тарифы стали вполне доступными, как частным пользователям, так и организациям. В итоге, это привело к тому, что мобильный Интернет стал конкурентом проводному доступу.

Несмотря на то, что большинство современных смартфонов и планшетов способно самостоятельно использовать 4G-сети, вариант подключения всех устройств через одну точку намного привлекательнее – во-первых, налицо сокращение расходов, во-вторых, объединение устройств в одну сеть, со всеми вытекающими...

Для этой цели используются так называемые мобильные маршрутизаторы, представителями которых, является LTE-маршрутизаторы компании TP-Link TL-MR100, TL-MR6400, Archer MR-200, Archer MR-400. Эта достаточно обширная линейка мобильных маршрутизаторов позволяет очень тонко подобрать маршрутизатор практически под любые нужды клиента.

Итак, давайте поподробнее рассмотрим линейку мобильных маршрутизаторов.

Первый в линейке мобильных маршрутизаторов - этоTL-MR100. Он обеспечивает беспроводное 3G/4G подключение для 32 устройств одновременно, включая планшеты, ноутбуки и смартфоны. Порты LAN также обеспечат интернет для проводных устройств, таких как, например, настольные ПК.

  • Общий доступ к сети 4G LTE для 32 Wi-Fi устройств – скорость загрузки до 150 Мбит/с (стандарт LTE Cat.4). Будьте в онлайн везде и всегда с 4G LTE маршрутизаторами TP-Link
  • Не требует настройки - вставьте SIM-карту и включите маршрутизатор для высокоскоростного доступа в Интернет.
  • Две мощные съёмные LTE-антенны обеспечивают стабильное соединение к сети мобильного провайдера связи даже в отдаленных от сотовых вышек местах.
  • Порт LAN/WAN обеспечивает возможность резервного подключения к Интернет с помощью кабеля Ethernet. Далее в списке недорогих мобильных маршрутизаторов идет TL-MR6400.

Основной особенностью данного маршрутизатора являются наличие 4-х портов Ethernet включая WANпорт для резервного подключения доступа к сети Интернет, что позволяет подключить большее количество проводных устройств по Ethernet. Съемные внешние LTE антенны позволяют получить более стабильный сигнал сотового оператора. Четвертая аппаратная ревизия этого маршрутизатора имеет поддержку IPSec VPN.

  • Общий доступ к сети 4G LTE для множества Wi-Fi устройств - скорость загрузки до 150 Мбит/с (стандарт LTE Cat.4). · Скорость Wi-Fi соединения до 300 Мбит/с по стандарту N
  • 2 внешние 4G-антенны и 2 встроенные Wi-Fi антенны обеспечивают стабильное подключение
  • Не требует настройки - вставьте SIM-карту и включите маршрутизатор для высокоскоростного доступа в Интернет
  • Порт LAN/WAN обеспечивает возможность выбора типа подключения

Следующим в линейке мобильных маршрутизаторов является Archer MR200.

Отличительной особенностью, которого является поддержка стандарта AC750, т. е. помимо беспроводной сети с диапазоном 2.4 ГГц, появляется поддержка диапазона 5 ГГц. Это позволяет использовать маршрутизатор в более зашумлённых местах и с большой плотностью беспроводных устройств - будь то офисы, многоквартирные дома или организации. При этом прирост скорости сети по диапазону 5 ГГц является значительным.

Как и LTE-маршрутизатор TL-MR6400v4, Archer MR200 имеет поддержку способен создавать VPN-сети - PPTP VPN, IPSec VPN , OpenVPN.

  • Общий доступ к сети 4G LTE для множества Wi-Fi устройств - скорость загрузки до 150 Мбит/с (стандарт LTE Cat.4).
  • 2 внешние 4G-антенны и 3 встроенные Wi-Fi антенны обеспечивают стабильное подключение
  • Не требует настройки - вставьте SIM-карту и включите маршрутизатор для высокоскоростного доступа в Интернет
  • Позволяет одновременно создавать две сети Wi-Fi - со скоростью до 300 Мбит/с на 2,4 ГГц и 433 Мбит/с на 5 ГГц
  • Порт LAN/WAN обеспечивает возможность выбора типа подключения

И последним (на данный момент) в линейке мобильных маршрутизаторов нашей компании является Archer MR400.

Основными отличиями от предыдущих моделей является поддержка стандарта AC1350, что позволяет получить до 450 Мбит/с на 2,4 ГГц и 867 Мбит/с на 5 ГГц. Так же стоит отметить поддержку VPN (PPTP VPN, IPSec VPN, OpenVPN) Для удаленного подключения к офисной сети вашей компании что значительно упрощает и делает комфортной вашу работу из любой точки мира.

  • Общий доступ к сети 4G LTE для множества Wi-Fi устройств – скорость загрузки до 150 Мбит/с
  • 2 внешние 4G-антенны и 3 встроенные Wi-Fi антенны обеспечивают стабильное подключение
  • Не требует настройки - вставьте SIM-карту и включите маршрутизатор для высокоскоростного доступа в Интернет
  • Позволяет одновременно создавать две сети Wi-Fi со скоростью до 450 Мбит/с на 2,4 ГГц и 867 Мбит/с на 5 ГГц
  • Порт LAN/WAN обеспечивает возможность выбора типа подключения

Благодаря удобному веб-интерфейсу и мобильному приложению Tether настроить мобильные маршрутизаторы можно в считанные минуты. Tether также позволит в любое время удалённо управлять настройками сети, а также настройками родительского контроля и контроля доступа, используя смартфон на iOS или Android.

Решение для мониторинга температуры тела от Dahua

После того как в конце 2019 года в Китае вспыхнула эпидемия нового коронавируса и стала быстро распространяться по всему миру, возникла буквально жизненная потребность в решении для быстрого и вместе с тем бесконтактного измерения температуры человеческого тела, поскольку повышенная температура является основным признаком вирусной инфекции. Без этого практически невозможно оперативно выявлять заболевших, что снижает эффективность карантинных мероприятий, поскольку полная диагностика на коронавирус занимает значительное время и требует взятия образцов биоматериала.


Компания Dahua Technology разработала готовое решение на основе тепловизионной камеры, которое способно измерить дистанционно температуру человеческого тела с очень высокой точностью, недоступной обычным тепловизорам и бесконтактным термометрам на основе пирометрических датчиков. При этом акцент сделан на полностью готовом решении, которое адаптировано к применению в общественных местах; оно автоматически обнаруживает людей с повышенной температурой и тут же сигнализирует об этом.


Dahua Thermal Solution для измерения температуры использует тепловизионную сетевую камеру в сочетании со специальным калибровочным излучателем АЧТ (Абсолютно черное тело). Именно наличие такого источника эталонной температуры, постоянно присутствующего в поле зрения тепловизора, позволяет заметно снизить погрешность измерения, возникающую из-за температурных колебаний окружающей среды, нагрева неохлаждаемого микроболометра тепловизора и других внешних факторов, которые сложно учесть при работе в реальных условиях вне закрытых помещений. Такой подход позволяет добиться очень высокой точности измерения температуры человека, которая у Dahua Thermal Solution составляет всего ±0.3⁰C! Она подтверждается дополнительными замерами температуры тела человека медицинскими термометрами. Dahua Technology настоятельно рекомендует использовать данное решение именно с АЧТ. Дело в том, что температура даже здорового человека колеблется в течение дня, повышаясь к вечеру (максимумом нормы считается +37.2°С), поэтому необходимо измерять ее как можно точнее, чтобы отличать здоровых людей от инфицированных. Именно поэтому точность измерений ±0.3⁰C, которую обеспечивает Dahua Thermal Solution с АЧТ, – это минимально необходимое требование, как показывает практика, а не избыточная роскошь. Снижение точности даже до ±0.5⁰C, а это примерно на 70%, приводит к резкому росту ошибок обнаружения, что неприемлемо для массового мониторинга температуры в местах большого скопления людей.

При обнаружении человека с повышенной температурой Dahua Thermal Solution подает тревожный сигнал: для этого в тепловизор встроена сирена и мигающая подсветка. Кроме того, можно реализовать передачу тревоги на видеорегистратор с распознаванием лиц и интеллектуальным детектором маски на лице, что позволит в дальнейшем осуществлять быстрый поиск по видеоархиву для последующего выявления потенциально зараженных лиц.


Встроенные интеллектуальные алгоритмы, работающие по изображению от дополнительной камеры оптического спектра, имеющей более высокое разрешение, чем основная тепловизионная камера, с высокой точностью детектируют лицо человека. Благодаря этому измеряется температура, открытых участков головы, а прочие теплые предметы в кадре, которые могли бы вызвать ложное срабатывание, игнорируются. Такие интеллектуальные (AI) модели тепловизионных сетевых камер с детектированием лиц представлены во всех линейках продукции Dahua Technology: Ultra, Pro и Lite.


Dahua Thermal Solution специально создано для работы в общественных местах и умеет определять температуру нескольких человек одновременно, что может пригодиться на объектах с большим потоком людей. Тем не менее, для эффективного измерения температуры больших потоков людей важно правильным образом организовать их движение. Оптимально способом организации движения будет очередь: каждый человек оказывается в поле зрения тепловизионной камеры отдельно и не может быть заслонен другим.


Уже сейчас образцы оборудования тестируются в Москве, а также имеется в наличии всё необходимое оборудование под проекты. Таким образом, даже при резком росте заболеваемости коронавирусной инфекции Dahua готова предложить как сегменту B2G, так и B2B, готовое и надежное решение. Оно доступно в нескольких вариантах, где сочетаются тепловизоры разного разрешения и интеллектуальные видеорегистраторы, обеспечивающие различную функциональность и производительность.


Для B2B разработано три разных комплекта на базе гибридного тепловизора DH-TPC-BF3221P-T серии Lite. Это бюджетное решение разрешением тепловизора 256x192. Для B2G предлагаются три более функциональных и дорогих комплекта на основе гибридного тепловизора DH-TPC-BF5421P-T серии Pro с разрешением 400x300, так как он дает более качественное и информативное изображение.

Игровые наушники SVEN AP-G999MV c металлическими чашами и неодимовыми магнитами

Для точного позиционирования в игре нужна детализация звука при синхронном достоверном воспроизведении спецэффектов. С этой задачей справляются игровые наушники SVEN AP-G999MV.

 Для ориентации в трёхмерной звуковой сцене игры наушники должны не только поражать WOW-эффектом от низких частот. Нужна детализация звука, а это возможно при сбалансированной передаче частотного диапазона. Неодимовые магниты в динамиках создают мощное магнитное поле, в котором максимально точно происходит преобразование электрического сигнала в колебания звуковой катушки. Чем сильнее магнитное поле, создаваемое магнитным материалом, тем выше чувствительность динамика и живее звук.

Чаши гарнитуры SVEN AP-G999MV изготовлены из металла. Это придает им вес и не позволяет  различным внешним звуковым колебаниям проникать к вашему уху. Каждая нота в наушниках звучит чисто и мощно. Драйверы динамических излучателей диаметром 50 мм. расположены так, чтобы звук с минимальным рассеиванием транслировался в ушные каналы. Вы будете играть и слушать музыку, не отвлекаясь на звуки реального мира.

Для переговоров с членами игровой команды наушники оснащены съемным микрофоном. Наушники имеют стильный,  футуристический дизайн. Охватывающие мягкие амбушюры из перфорированной кожи обеспечивают длительное комфортное использование и надежную звуковую изоляцию. Металлические элементы креплений придают надежности и солидности. Гарнитура имеет основной разъем 4 pin 3,5 Jack и переходник 3 pin 3,5 Jack *2.

Игровые наушники комплектуется качественным кабелем в тканевой оплетке, на котором размещен пульт управления громкостью с функцией  отключения микрофона. Гарнитура SVEN AP-G999MV многофункциональна. Небольшой вес позволяет наушникам быть портативными. SVEN AP-G999MV конектятся со смартфоном - и вы готовы к виртуальным баталиям в любом месте фактического мира.

Устали от игры? Запустите любимые треки - музыка украсит и преобразит вашу действительность.

RICOH IM 350 - интеллектуальное монохромное МФУ

Ваш незаменимый помощник - компактное МФУ Ricoh IM 350 производительностью 35 стр./мин. - автоматизирует ежедневный процесс работы с документами. Сенсорная панель управления диагональю 10,1 дюйма обеспечивает удобный доступ к необходимым функциям, а встроенный автоподатчик экономит время, выполняя сканирование двух сторон листа за один проход. Первый отпечаток в разрешении 1200 dpi выводится менее чем через шесть секунд. На печать многостраничных документов не требуется много времени, а с помощью дополнительного степлера из набора листов можно быстро сделать готовый документ.


Отличительные особенности


  • Сайт приложений Ricoh предоставляет доступ к широкому спектру приложений, чтобы настроить устройство в соответствии с пожеланиями клиента и оптимизировать рабочие процессы.
  • Интеллектуальная поддержка на панели управления обеспечивает немедленный доступ к руководствам и руководствам, а при необходимости может предлагаться удаленная поддержка.
  • Easy Bypass Tray позволяет больше не заходить в систему для настройки обходного лотка. При загрузке бумаги автоматически появляется мастер для установки параметров.


Масштабируемая платформа


  • Dynamic Workplace Intelligence включает в себя интеллектуальные решения и передовые приложения для повышения производительности всего офиса.
  • Масштабируемость предоставляет доступ к новейшим технологиям, функциональные возможности ваших устройств будут расширяться по мере роста вашего бизнеса.
  • Безопасность обеспечивается собственной операционной системой Ricoh, которая позволяет не только снизить риски от вирусных угроз или хакерских атак, но и упрощает взаимодействие с устройством и его обслуживание.
  • Производительность достигается за счёт доступных приложений и новых возможностей устройств, позволяют решить просто и доступно целый блок текущих проблемных зон в офисе и повысить эффективность работы сотрудников без дополнительных расходов.


Инновационная функциональность


Стандартная 10.1" смарт-панель управления второго поколения обеспечивает интуитивно понятное управление и идеальную платформу для различных решений. Данные дисплеи схожи в работе со смартфонами и планшетами на базе iOS/Android, поддерживают привычные жесты: касание, перелистывание, сведение и разведение пальцев для изменения масштаба. Сотрудники офиса смогут легко управлять устройством, перетаскивать приложения на домашнюю страницу, прокручивать страницы, запускать виджеты и просматривать установленные приложения. Меню быстрого копирования, сканирования и использования факса с крупными иконками будет понятно даже тем сотрудникам, которые раньше не работали с техникой Ricoh. Для экономии рабочего времени панель управления позволяет производить настройку одним касанием, при этом каждый пользователь может сохранить индивидуальный интерфейс.

Полная интеллектуальность


Предоставляя интеллектуальную помощь на рабочем месте, компактный принтер Ricoh со скоростью 35 страниц в минуту все в одном принтере автоматизирует повседневную обработку документов. Его 10,1" сенсорная панель управления обеспечивает управление кончиками пальцев, а для экономии времени встроенный податчик документов сканирует двусторонние оригиналы за один проход. Первый безупречный отпечаток с разрешением 1200 точек на дюйм готов менее чем за шесть секунд. Сложные многостраничные комплекты документов также производятся в темпе и с использованием дополнительного степлера могут быть готовы для распространения.


Доступное удобство


Благодаря компактному дизайну и бесшумной работе RICOH IM 350 может быть легко доступен пользователям любой рабочей группы. Им не нужно запускать компьютер или подключаться к сети печати; документы могут быть распечатаны непосредственно на смарт-все в одном принтере с устройств iOS и Android. Дополнительные лотки для бумаги повышают производительность. Конверты и фирменные бланки можно подавать автоматически, и благодаря тому, что принтер «все в одном» легко переключается с одного лотка на другой, в нем никогда не заканчивается бумага.


RICOH IM 350 - разумное решение


realme 5 Pro: недорогой смартфон с квадрокамерой и дерзким дизайном

 realme 5 Pro — смартфон с мощным процессором Qualcomm, четырьмя камерами и ёмкой батареей по доступной цене. Расскажем о нём подробнее.

Бодрое железо 

Аппарат построен на процессоре Snapdragon 712 в связке с 4 ГБ оперативной памяти. Такой начинки хватает для быстрого запуска тяжёлых приложений и плавной работы интерфейса. 

С играми проблем нет. World of Tanks: Blitz уверенно держит 60 fps на максималках с HD-текстурами. В PUBG по умолчанию выставляются высокие графические настройки. «Королевская битва» работает со стабильными 30 fps, играть комфортно. 

В realme 5 Pro 128 ГБ встроенной памяти, причем объём хранилища получится расширить с помощью microSD — слот для двух симок и флешки раздельный. Увы, разработчики не поставили чип NFC, так что владельцам этой модели придётся расплачиваться по старинке — наличными или банковской картой.

Много камер не бывает 

Смартфон получил основную камеру на 48 Мп с сенсором Sony IMX586 и апертурой f/1.8. Помимо этого, у realme 5 Pro есть ещё три дополнительных сенсора: широкоугольный объектив на 8 Мп, двухмегапиксельный датчик глубины и отдельная камера на 2 Мп для съёмки макро. По умолчанию съёмка идёт с разрешением 12 Мп. Для переключения на 48 Мп нужно каждый раз заходить в настройки. Вдобавок в этом режиме нельзя включить ультраширокоугольную камеру и не работает HDR.

Кадры получаются яркими и насыщенными даже в пасмурную погоду, отдельной похвалы заслуживают высокая детализация и точная цветопередача. Не последнюю роль в достижении хорошего результата играет продуманный софт, вытягивающий картинку в сложных условиях. 

В тёмное время суток качество снижается, но в рамках приличия — ночной режим аккуратно работает со светом и выдержкой, выдавая достойные изображения. Однако есть заметное падение детализации и рост шумов и зернистости, как у большинства устройств среднего класса. Широкоугольный модуль не самый продвинутый — по краям снимка хорошо заметны смазанности. Объективы для портретной съёмки и макро достойно справляются со своими обязанностями, к ним претензий практически нет. 


Экран построен на добротной IPS-матрице диагональю 6,3 дюйма с разрешением Full HD+. После недорогих AMOLED-панелей смотреть на качественную IPS — одно удовольствие: белый цвет белоснежный, под углами нет зелёного свечения, цветопередача естественная, без кислотных оттенков. Мерцания или ШИМ отсутствуют, так что глаза совсем не напрягаются. Кстати,  дисплей защищён закалённым стеклом Gorilla Glass 3.

Градиент в виде кристалла

Дизайн realme 5 Pro характерен для моделей 2019 года. Гаджет полностью пластиковый и глянцевый, задняя крышка быстро заляпывается. Радует, что в комплекте есть плотный силиконовый чехол, который также закрывает выступающий блок камер.

Главная дизайнерская фишка — градиент в виде кристалла. Он одинаково красиво смотрится как у синей, так и у зелёной версии. Рамки по краям корпуса тонкие, поэтому 6,3-дюймовый телефон не ощущается в руках громоздким. Впрочем, из-за солидной батареи на 4035 мАч он всё равно получился увесистым. За время тестирования царапин или потёртостей на экране не осталось.

Вдали от розетки

Батарея на 4035 мАч и процессор Snapdragon — залог хорошей автономности, поэтому гаджет оказалось не так просто разрядить. В режиме цикличного воспроизведения фильма в 1080р на средней яркости смартфон проработал 20 часов. Через час игры в PUBG аккумулятор разрядился на 20%.

Можно сказать, что автономность устройства позволяет не беспокоиться о зарядке в течение полного дня, даже немного останется на следующий. К слову, поддерживается быстрая зарядка VOOC — батарея от 0 до 100% наполняется за 90 минут.

TP-Link представила линейку Wi-Fi роутеров серии Archer AX

Компания TP-Link, мировой лидер в производстве домашнего сетевого оборудования, приняла участие в международной выставке бытовой электроники CES 2020 и представила полную линейку роутеров серии Archer AX с поддержкой беспроводного стандарта связи Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax).

Представленная линейка новых устройств включает в себя модели Archer AX10, Archer AX20, Archer AX60, Archer AX90, Archer GX90 и Archer AX11000, каждая из которых поддерживает высокую скорость передачи данных по стандарту Wi-Fi 6, гигабитные порты, а также обеспечивает высокопроизводительную беспроводную сеть для большого числа клиентских устройств.

Представленные модели относятся к среднему и высокому ценовому сегменту, позволяя перейти на новый стандарт Wi-Fi как домохозяйствам с базовыми потребностями в доставке мультимедиа-контента, так и людям, заинтересованным в максимальных показателях пропускной способности и доступа в интернет, в особенности – поклонникам онлайн игр или даже целым киберспортивным командам.

Модели Archer AX10 и Archer AX20 обеспечивают совокупную скорость беспроводной передачи данных до 1500 или до 1800 Мбит/с по стандарту Wi-Fi 6, обладают трёхъядерным или четырёхъядерным процессором и гигабитными портами WAN и LAN. Оба устройства поддерживают OFDMA, MU-MIMO, Beamforming и шифрование WPA3. По стоимости эти устройства будут сопоставимы устройствам стандарта 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5).  

Модели Archer AX60 и Archer AX90 – трёхдиапазонные Wi-Fi 6 роутеры, которые обеспечивают совокупную скорость беспроводной передачи данных до 3600 или до 4800 Мбит/с по стандарту Wi-Fi 6 и обладают четырёхъядерными процессорами.

Модель AX90 обладает восьмью внешними антеннами, а также двумя переключаемыми портами WAN/LAN, один из которых обеспечивает подключение к провайдеру на скорости до 2,5 Гбит/с. Оба устройства поддерживают OFDMA и MU-MIMO, Beamforming, шифрование WPA3 и утилиту безопасности HomeCareTM Pro.

Модели Archer GX90 и Archer AX11000 предназначены для геймеров и обладают рядом специальных функций, обеспечивающих более быстрый и плавный игровой процесс, высокую скорость доступа в интернет до 2,5 Гбит/с, а также высокую производительность и беспроводную передачу данных в трёх диапазонах со скоростью до 6600 Мбит/с для Archer GX90 и до 11000 Мбит/с для Archer AX11000. Оба роутера обладают четырёхъядерными процессорами, поддержкой OFDMA и MU-MIMO, Beamforming, шифрования WPA3 и утилиты безопасности HomeCareTM Pro.

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